Thursday, March 22, 2018

The FUTURE of Pharmacy

Eventually, all co-pays will be zero. 

We see it now with birth control and a lot of Medicare patient medications. Once we're all on government assistance with the New World Order, all co-pays will be reduced to zero. Reimbursements from the government will fall below the cost to fill the medication as mandated by law. Pharmacies will fail to make a profit. Many will close. The remaining ones will be taken over by the government... one by one, until all pharmacies are government-run. 

There will be no more brand medication and no incentive to create new drugs because there will be no profit. Without profit, no one will invest in drug development. The only drugs available will be shoddy generics, and the government will only allow the purchase of the cheapest of the cheap in their newly owned pharmacies. 

Getting medications filled within minutes, or even the same day, will be a relic of the past. Without any incentive to work, your pharmacist and technicians will move just slightly faster than your local worker at the post office or DMV. We'll all have that same expression on our face... dull, tired, and worn out... and a lot worse than you see now. 

Without new drugs... and consequently new antibiotics, bacteria will mutate... and will get stronger and tougher to kill. More people will die because there will be no incentive to create better drugs.

Eventually, we'll all die from a Super Bug, all because no one wanted to pay for medication.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Let's Compare!

This comparison is based on my personal observations over the years. It compares legitimate chronic pain patients with narc addicts. Let's compare:

Legitimate Chronic Pain Patient

* Brings in prescriptions ahead of time
* Ok to wait until "do not fill until" date comes and shows up hours after opening on that date
* Friendly, never in a hurry, willing to wait until the prescriptions are filled
* Never mentions anything about needing a specific color or manufacturer of the medication
* Lives in the neighborhood of the pharmacy
* If waiting for the prescription does so patiently in the waiting room or comes back hours later
* Picks up all medications (pain or non pain) at the same time
* Bathes on a daily basis
* Talks about new treatment options and wanting to get off the medication
* Takes the medication as prescribed and never runs out before the next due date
* Rarely (if ever) claims to be "shorted" on the medication
* Packs his or her medication first when going out of town
* Never loses his or her medication
* Locks up his or her medication to keep it from getting stolen or misused by others

Narc Addict

* Argues about when the next fill will go through insurance
* Wants to pay cash if insurance doesn't pay
* If not paid by Medicaid, somehow comes up with hundreds of dollars to pay for it
* Asks for specific colors or manufacturers of the medication
* Asks if the medication can be dispensed in the original container
* If there is a "do not fill until" date on the prescription, shows up on that day right at opening
* Asks where the water fountain is located or takes a tablet at the register before leaving
* Frequently goes "out of town" and coerces his or her physician into authorizing an early refill
* Sometimes seen in town when supposedly supposed to be "out of town"
* Travels miles across town to a specific physician and pharmacy
* Stands in front of the pharmacy or the register staring at the pharmacist no matter how long they've been told it will take to fill
* When multiple prescriptions come in, only wants the pain medications; says he or she will pick up the others later. Sometimes they're never picked up
* Has the appearance and odor of not bathing every day
* Often angry, ready to argue about the dates to fill prescriptions
* Often takes the medication more than prescribed, runs out, and wants to fill early 
* Often says "The doctor told me to take more"
* Routinely states "You shorted me last time"
* Talks about when the next refill will go through, never about getting off the medication
* Sometimes says the medication was lost, left on a bus, taxi, motel room, or was stolen at a party

Do you agree with my comparison?

What would you add to each list? 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Fun Mornings before the Techs Arrive

One morning I'm trying to process the day's automatic refill when a 62 year old lady calls to ask me to fill her Ambien. I tell her it's way too early. She just filled it 16 days ago.

"But I'm going out of town tomorrow," she says.

Ahhhh, the very words that have circled the globe as pure magic in getting an early refill.

“How long will you be gone?” I ask.

“About a week,” she says, caught off guard.

I do a quick calculation in my head. “You should have plenty until you get back.”

“I don’t know how long I’ll be gone,” she spits back. 

She thinks she has me now. Checkmate. Give me my damn Ambien.

I tell her that I’ll need permission from her doctor. “Just have him call me to ok it,” I said.

Stunned, she says ok and hangs up. But not to be easily defeated, she calls back one minute later.

“My doctor only works on Monday. He won’t be able to return your call before I leave,” she quips.

“When you get to your destination, have a local pharmacy call me to transfer the prescription,” I retort.

She says ok and hangs up. Another minute passes and she calls again. “I don’t want to bother with all that. When’s the soonest I can fill it? I’ll pay cash.”

I tell her the 26th. She says ok and hangs up.

Two minutes pass. She calls again. “I’ll be gone by the 26th. Can you push that back to the 23rd?”

So much for leaving “tomorrow.”

“Sure. I’ll call the doctor and ask permission to fill it early,” I say, quizzaciously seeing what she's going to say this time.

“Oh no, don’t do that. The 26th will be fine.”

WHILE I’m on the phone with this nut, a lady that can CLEARLY see I’m on the phone starts waving at me. Again, she can see I’m on the phone but in Snootyville manners are for other people. I put my hand over the mouthpiece and she asks where we have the Dramamine.

“Aisle seven on the left,” I yell out.

Another minute passes and while I’m still on the phone with Ambien lady the Dramamine lady walks by and belts out, “Thanks for nothing. You’re an ass!” and storms off.

I still have no idea what I did wrong.

I call the physician’s office. Oddly, the physician is actually there working on a day other than Monday and tells me NO EARLY REFILLS for Ambien lady.

Pharmacist: 1
Ambien Lady: 0
Dramamine Lady: Penalty Box

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day

To all my followers and subscribers
and people who look at my blog
and Facebook and Tweets,
I wish you a very Happy St. Patrick's Day.